Meeting the Daily Challenge

This course is intended to provide system operators with knowledge and operating principles to survive the daily challenges of operating in the control center. This course is delivered over a 2-day period and includes topics related to Transmission Operations, Generation Operations, and System Switching. The course includes the following content: Operator Responsibilities, Generation Control Concepts, Resource Scheduling, System Reserves, Disturbance Control Standards, Transmission Control Concepts, Voltage Control, Thermal Control, Generation Shift Factors, Switching Considerations, Switching Order Prep, Contingency Analysis, and Emergency Outages. This course delivery includes extensive interaction with both tabletop exercises and simulator scenarios.

NERC Continuing Education Hours:
TOTAL:   16.0 CEHs
Standards:   2.0 CEHs
Ops Topics:   16.0 CEHs
Sim:  8.0 CEHs  

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Fee: $900.00

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