TTT: Performing a JTA and Meeting PER-005

This 2-day course will assist those individuals in performing a Job Task Analysis for the required positions in their Operation Control Centers and in meeting PER-005. The course expands beyond the JTA itself and provides a means for utilizing the JTA for various elements of your training program. The course is intended for those individuals responsible for performing a JTA and also for those individuals that are responsible for developing, delivering, and coordinating the training for System Operators and operating personnel. The class activities will include lecture, related exercises, and group discussions. Class activities will include assessments to measure the students’ progress and effectiveness of the course delivery. It is strongly recommended that each participant have a laptop computer in class for completion of assignments. Attendees who successfully satisfy all of the course requirements will be awarded with 16.0 NERC CEHs (Professional).

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Fee: $950.00

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