PJM Manual Review Series

Login to Spark! by OES-NA Online Learning The PJM Manual Review online training series explores the PJM Manuals relevant to the PJM Energy Markets and Transmission Operations. The Energy Market manuals review the rules, procedures, and requirements for PJM Market & System Operations, in addition to PJM Members that buy, sell, schedule and deliver electric power through the Energy & Reserve Markets within the PJM region. The Transmission Manuals provide resources, guidelines and requirements for Transmission Operations and member companies within the PJM region, as well as, provide coordination information for PJM neighbors. The series includes the following modules*:

  • Balancing Area Overview
  • Pre-Scheduling Operations
  • Energy & Ancillary Services Market Operations
  • Balancing Operations
  • Transmission Operation
  • Emergency Operations
  • System Restoration
  • Control Center and Data Exchange Requirements
  • Generator Operational Requirements

These online modules are also part of the PJM Certification Prep package and can be purchased individually or as a series package.

* Updated to align with current PJM certification exams

PJM Online Series Price: $950.00

NERC Continuing Education Hours:
TOTAL: 29.5 CEHs
Standards: 0.0 CEHs
Ops Topics: 29.5 CEHs
Sim: 0.0 CEHs

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